Latitude 38° 48’ 17”   Longitude 77° 02’ 48”

The Old Dominion Boat Club maintains a marina of 53 boat slips. Additionally, there is a work float and two Tee docks.   There are 18 large slips accommodating boats 25 feet in length or more. There are 35 small slips accommodating 16 to 24 feet in length.  These slips may be available for non-member transient use in the event the assigned slip holder is out of the marina.

Transient reservations for a non-member made by a member 30 days in advance will be accepted but the member must be present on the vessel while it is docked at the Club, including overnight stays.

Reciprocal transient reservations may be made no more than fifteen (15) days in advance of an expected stay. Slips or T-ends not previously reserved in this way may be assigned to members or transients by the M&B committee on a first come first served basis.

Charges for transient slip usage will be established according to the length of the boat, and will be Two Dollars  ($2.00) per foot per night for non-members.  For non-members, there will be an additional charge for transient slip usage of an electrical connection fee of Five Dollars ($5.00) for each 30 amp circuit and Ten Dollars ($10.00) for each 50 amp circuit per night.

All fees shall be paid in advance or at the time of docking.  Transients occupying the north and south T-Docks shall berth their boat so that it does not block the interior fairway between the north and the south docks with no part of the transient’s boat extending beyond the last piling on the north or south T-Dock closest to the Fairway.

M & B Rules require ½ line minimum must be used to secure a boat in the ODBC Marina. Visiting boat owners are responsible for using their own lines . As a courtesy to slip holders, any lines found in a slip are not to be used or tampered with so that when the assigned slip holder  re-occupies the slip they do not have to adjust the lines.   Visiting boaters are required to provide their own electrical power cords.


Old Dominion Boat Club

1.  Definition:  Reciprocity is the mutual exchange of commercial or other privileges; a relation of mutual dependence.

2.  Reciprocal clubs shall have transient slips available to members of ODBC.

3.  Members of reciprocal clubs are considered reciprocal guests of the Old Dominion Boat Club.

4.  All reciprocal guests shall identify themselves to the Club/bar manager on duty and register their name and club affiliation in the reciprocal guest book.

5.  Reciprocal guests may not bring guests to the ODBC.  Spouses are not considered guests and the word spouse includes girlfriend or boyfriend of the reciprocal guest.

6.  Members of reciprocal yacht/boat clubs within fifty 50 road miles of the ODBC may visit the Club no more than six (6) times per year and no more than once per month.

7.  Reciprocal guests may not run a bar tab for food or beverages.

8.  At no time shall a reciprocal guest be allowed the use of the Club parking lot or a Club key card but shall gain entry into the Club via the south taproom entrance on King Street.  Reciprocal marina guests occupying a slip overnight at the ODBC pursuant to the M & B Rules are the exception and shall be issued one Club key card during their stay upon payment of a $10.00 refundable deposit and the applicable slip fees.

9.  Reciprocal marina guests must first contact the Chairman of the M & B Committee to reserve a transient slip.  Transient slips for reciprocal marina guests are available on a first-come, first served basis no sooner than fifteen (15) days prior to the requested date of occupancy.

10.  Reciprocal marina guests are limited to a stay of seven (7) days or less.

11.  Reciprocal marina guests who arrive after regular business hours shall check in the following morning prior to 12:00 Noon.

12.  Though not specifically set forth herein, reciprocal guests are subject to all other Old Dominion Boat Club House and Ground Rules and transient boaters are subject additionally to all M & B Rules in effect at the time of the reciprocal visit.